What’s in Pinkgold’s Bag.


Barnyar, Demo and Toli tagged me to write what’s in my bag. Yah, that topic is quite hot among bloggers and I also wanna share you about the things in my bag. Firatly I’ll show you my bag. It’s quite a big one and the shape is rather square like most of the gals today hav such kind of bag. You know, I like to have such big bags as I think that I’m stylish and smart with that bag. Ok, see my bag firstly.

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Then, you all can see a little bear on my bag. I love it so much and it says ” Ilove you, I love you” when I press its womb.

Now it comes what’s in my bag. Ok. let’s see from my wallet which is the first one of the top roll.

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My Wallet which is essential fo me and I can’t do nothing without my wallet.
My watch: I never wear it on my hand and whenever I wanna know the time, I have to take it out from my bag.
The third one is Name Card Box in which my name card and the address cards of the others.
Under my name card box is tissue.
Then, my ball pen on tissue package. Most of my friends on gtalk may remember that I once cried as that ball pen was lost. Thanks God! I’ve found it under my desk.
Then, my key..
Near my bunch of key the medicine I usually take. Now you can see Enervon-C and Paracitamol (spelling not sure as I’m not doctor 😛 ). You know, I sometimes have headache and toothache. So, I have to carry the tablet to ease my ache.
Next one is Chicken Soup For the Soul book that I read in those days.
The last one is my black comb that I carry everywhere.

Ok dear, thanks a lot to give me your time to read this post and also forgive to writ in English as the computer I’m now using has no MM font.

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