Exciting One Young World Summit


The time of the inaugural One Young World Summit to be held is now coming nearer. As a delegate selected to represent Myanmar to attend that summit, I feel really excited and proud of having the chance to attend the world’s largest summit. The other 1499 delegates from other 192 countries will also participate at that event. Yes, we are the potential ones to lead the world in the future.

Before starting why I want to attend that summit, I’d like to express my special thanks to special ones. Firstly, I must surely thanks to my little sister Chan Myae that brought the information to me. Secondly, I wanna send my “thanks” to all of my friends from facebook that voted me. Finally, I’d like to thank the founder of One Young World organization and other counsell0rs that will lead our discussions during the summit. I must definitely show my overwhelming  thanks to American Express World Wide Organization to choose me to be their fully sponsored delegate from Myanmar (Burma).

Here are some reasons and expectations why I want to join the One Young World Summit. As mentioned in the One Young World official website, 25 today and the leader of tomorrow, we’ll have the chance to change our social communities, our country and finally our world. We’ll have to absorb the concept of “Change” to change the world. The other 1499 delegates and I will discuss in the plenary sessions, global health, political leadership, interfaith dialogue, environment, media and global business, chaired and guided by the counsellors selected. I expect to get the solutions and ideas for my community by exchanging with the others’ thoughts and idea.

Yeah, I’ll fly to London on 5-Feb-2010. I’m really excited and quite worrying about the things that I can and can’t expect. But I believe that I can. I must try with all efforts for my country. But there are still some questions?

Does that summit really make the solutions for the better world?

Do I and my efforts really effect my country?

Do we have the chance to do as we inspire?


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  1. Congrats Pinkgold. Sorry I didn’t get to talk to you much at BCY2010.

    I get the impression you are an asset to your community. Good luck for this and hope to meet properly soon. Make a lot of friends from around the world. Being connected is the first step for change.

    “Where there is a will, there’s a way!”

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