Deeply Inspired by One Young World


One Young World Summit is now successfully finished. It’s been incrediable three days with passionate thoughts and ideas. It’s been also a good platform for the youths who are the future leaders of tomorrow. Amazing people like Desmond Tu Tu, Kofi Annan, Professor Yunus, Oscar Morales and other persons attended that event as counselor of the plenary sessions.

We’ve discussed the global issues and the summit kept us on the right way to change the world. On the last day, there was also a discussion, which can also be named as debate about the Is the pursuit of profit crucial to solving the world’s problems? on BBC World Have Your Say program. Discussion was awesome and enlighten all of us to conduct the social business programs.

Professor Yunus said in his speech that “People shouldn’t go to bank, bank should go to people”. I totally agree with that. In our country Myanmar that e commerce and e banking have not been developed yet, I think our leaders should conduct that program as soon as possible for more business opportunities.

Now I have a lot of things to do like sharing my awesome experience with my family and my friends, motivating and empowering other young people in my country to conduct the global issues and other development program in my country and starting the project like environment protection with my friends and other non-profit organizations. I’ll also try my best to send other young delegates of Myanmar to attend One Young World 2011 summit.

Currently, I’m still in London visiting here and there and other tourist sites.


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