Stepping to Taunggyi


I feel so shy and can’t satisfy myself as I haven’t done anything about sharing the resolution of One Young World or empowering young people. Actually, I’m so busy in those days catching up the jobs I missed when I was in London. Everyday I’m at my office from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm. I have a lot of things to do my advertising and promotion jobs and also need to organize more promotion campaigns as the Myanmar New Year is coming nearer. Now the opportunity comes and I must grab it. If not, I’ll have to wait more for that. Yes, I’m now preparing to go to Taunggyi with my friends.

Taunggyi is the capital of Shan State, Myanmar. Taunggyi has a population of approximately 200,000, making it the fourth largest city in Myanmar. It is at an elevation of 4,590 feet (1,400 m) above sea level. The name Taunggyi means “big mountain” in the Burmese language, and is named after the ridge on the east of the city, and the prominent high point on it is called the Taung-chun or “The Crag.” (Wikipedia).

We, active young leaders, will travel to Taunggyi to organize the knowledge sharing event. There are many potential young people in Taunggyi and most of them are also thirst of knowledge. After accepting the One Young World Ambassador of Myanmar, I’ll have to start conducting the global issues within my country and convincing other young people to join me is my responsibility, too. And I, myself also must devote most of my time in fulfilling my knowledge of environmental protection, global business and other concerns.

We, altogether 10 persons, will step to Taunggyi next Friday and will share our knowledge as below.

  • Me (Tin Myat Htet) – One Young World
  • Htaike + Thet Htoo –Digital Security and Privacy
  • Minn Yoon Thit – SPIP (CMS)
  • Ko Ko Ye – Ubantu (Open Source)
  • Phyu Thi – How to search for scholarship in the internet?
  • Zaw Zaw – Blogging

We’ll be there from 13 to 15 March and anyone who is  interested in our event can join with us.


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