Drought in Myanmar (Burma)


Since the year 2008, Myanmar has suffered from many disasters like Cyclone Nargis, Earth Quake, severe climate change, etc. Now again, there is an unbelievable Water Crisis in Myanmar. Even the big Inlay lake, one of the tourist attraction places in Myanmar, is nearly dry out. Thousands of people especially from country sides and remote villages are suffering from drought.  With the drought, even simple everyday living becomes increasingly difficult and misery. All small and big lakes are drying out and people have to face worsening shortage of clean and drinking water.

In the short run, we are trying to solve that problem by donating drinking water to the effected areas. In many villages in Dala, Pegu, Innma and Kyee Myin Daing townships, people are queuing up with buckets and barrels to get water as in the photos. It’s really hear breaking. As all of you know, water is essential for human’s life after Oxygen.

On Sunday (16-May-2010) we’ll go to Dala township to donate drinking water. I’d like to invite all of you and your family to do the great merits by helping the drought victims. You can contribute small amount to as much as you can ($ 5, 10, 15, etc) as donation. Your donation is a great help for the victims for survival.

Pinkgold @ Tin Myat Htet

Soe Zeya (Mobile – 098629412)

Dr Kaung Htet (Mobile – 095014494)

For those who are in Thai, you can transfer money to the following account.
Ms. Phyu Phyu Thi
Moblile : + 66 801298673
Bank Account: Bank: Siam Commercial Public Company Limited
Account No: 667-263912-6

Thank you very much.

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  2. You all real really did the great job …
    and even at a glance to the photos of donating water to those who are in need , we feel very proud and happy about your -volunteer people …
    Keep up the good work and may you all be happy and be able to do the same wonderful things in futures without any difficulties!!

    take care


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