Shaping Myanmar Youths In Action


What is the definition of youth and youth development? UN defines that the person between the age 15 – 24 is youth. Though, there are many differences and beliefs in defining the youth age range. Pls refer this link.

Then, what is the youth development?

Definition of Youth Development

Youth Development is a process which prepares young people to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood through a co-ordinated, progressive series of activities and experiences which help them to become socially, morally, emotionally, physically and cognitively competent. Positive youth development addresses the broader developmental needs of youth, in contrast to deficit-based models which focus solely on youth problems.

In many countries, including Myanmar, many organizations are working with the young people to create new opportunities and ideas. Yes, they all believe in the power of young people. Young people have inspiration, aspiration, resilience, integrity and compassion. They can lead the change, they can lead the society and finally, they can make the leader follow.

I also believe that young people in Myanmar have such power even though they are living under tight policies and control. Young people in Myanmar have already shown their power by contribution themselves in Nargis disaster 2008, most recent drought disaster 2010,  building many other informal organizations and society for charity and many more. Yes, many youth organizations structure based on charity for monasteries, nunnery schools, orphanages and problems effected area. For me, I want to organize the youth development organization to empower and encourage the young people who are the leaders of tomorrow. We’ll educate, empower, collaborate and engage the young people as much as we can.

With that purpose, we, like-minded young persons, organize Myanmar Youths In Action on World Environment Day June 5 as a youth development organization. MYIA is now working on environmental issues by growing trees and organizing environment seminars. It’s a starting stage. Starting from our environmental activities, we’ll organize the young people as much as we can and then, will continue our intended programs like education, empowerment and challenges.


We are  not qualified enough for the survival of this organization, help us!

We are not strong enough for the firm foundation of this organization, support us!

We are not brilliant enough to create the new ideas for the organization, lead us!

We are not powerful enough to organize many young people, cooperate with us!

We need your comments and idea, contact us!

We want more fans on facebook, Join us!

Myanmar Youths In Action

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