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Blog Seminar in Commemoration of Blog Day 2010


It’s been three years since Myanmar Blogger Society organized its first blog seminar on Blog Day 2007. I still remember that rainy day that we all were so busy and active for our ever first blog seminar. “Why do We Blog?” got its success winning over 600 audiences and made to increase quite a number of Myanmar blogs after the seminar. MBS is the first organization in Myanmar that reveled the blogs as a platform for sharing everything to everyone.

The day comes again now. Myanmar Blogger Society is planning to organize ICT  Seminar and Workshop on Sep 13 and 14, 2010 at MICT  in commemoration of World Blog Day 2010. The event is organized by MBS in cooperation with MCPA.  We all invite all interesting persons to attend the seminar and discuss in workshop. Pls see more on MBS Website.