Crowded Hleedan.


Hleedan is one of the busiest places in Yangon with many road side shops, tuition classes, shopping places, variety of food stalls, main bus stops and many other training schools and hostels. Yeah, you may think that you will have fun staying or visiting Hleedan cos you can get everything at Hleedan. Hleedan has been the most busiest place since  the time of Yangon University opened in the year 1920. Since that time,  many students stayed at boarders making Hleedan as the hub of tuition schools, hostels and shops. All Burmese people know that Yangon University was closed by ruling authorities after 1996 student uprising in Myanmar. But, nothing couldn’t change Hleedan’s identity.

Oh! you may think that I’m going to write about the fun I find in Hleedan. No, I’m about to complain how Hleedan is miserable and annoying. Just look at the photo below.

People at street food shop

It is the picture of a street shop selling roasted fish in Hleedan. Nowdays, those street shops are making Hleedan more popular and crowded than before. There are many shops like that on the pavement of the road remaining no place for walking for the pedestrians. CD stalls selling illegal copies of international movies and songs make worse taking the whole pavement area.

Imagine! where are the pedestrians walking?  Yes, on the road, so carefully shunning the running cars including buses. The sound of horn from the vehicles and the shout of the bus conductors warning the people of hitting the car are making  nosier and upset. Just spend a minute walking along the road of Hleedan, I’m sure that you’ll be so upset hitting against the other walking people. Who to blame? Why does YCDC allow those undisciplined shops?

CD shops selling illegal copies

Shops selling and roasting the fish

Another thing that is bothering at night time is the smell of grilled fish. Yes, it usually makes our mouth watering to the grilled fish at some time. But, if you get it daily, I’m sure you’ll hate it and you’ll also blame that it is polluting the air.  Another worst thing is having a heap of rubbish on the road. At night, YCDC allows people  to throw away the rubbish from their houses at a fixed place on the road and staffs clean it at midnight. But having such a rubbish heap make the environment ugly.

Actually, Hleedan is quite a good place for living excepting from the facts I mentioned above. You can do shopping, eat delicious food, attend many tuition for studying and it is also a good place for friend gathering and also a hub of city transportation. But there are pros and cons in every situation. However good Hleedan is at day time, it is one of the most annoying places in Yangon at night.

A building in Hleedan full of tuition schools

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  2. Ha Ha Ha

    Exactly, I agree with you. Place itself is at great location, but still need to upgrade to be able to compare metropolitan areas of other neighboring countries.

    The very first responsible party will be YCDC, they should look what other countries manage this kind of situations, nothing needed to invent and create, just copy and paste the ideas of other people using and do some modifications to fit with our own environment will works.

  3. sis, also here .. the means should be grilled fish instead of roasted fish.. cuz roast(adj) = (meat) cooked by dry heat in an oven.. In hlee dan, they used to grill with charcoals not with oven 😀

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