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Golden rules for reducing stress


ကၽြန္မလည္း ဘေလာ၈့္စေရးတုန္းက ကိုယ္စခဲ့တဲ့ လိုင္းျဖစ္တဲ့ beauty and health နဲ႔ ပတ္သက္တာေလးေတြကို ေတာင္ မတင္တာ အေတာ္ေလးကို ၾကာေနျပီရွင့္။ အဲဒီေတာ့ ဒီတစ္ေခါက္မွာ ကၽြန္မတို႔ေတြ စိတ္ဖိစီး မႈေတြ ခံစားလာရရင္ ဘယ္လုိ ေျဖေဖ်ာက္ ၾကမလဲ ဆိုတာေလးကို ရွာေဖြ တင္ျပေပးလိုက္ပါတယ္ရွင္။ နားလည္ မႈမ်ား လြဲမွာ စိုးလို႔ ဘာသာ မျပန္ေတာ့ဘူး ေနာ္

.Get your priorities right-sort out what really matters in your life

.Think ahead and try to anticipate how to get round difficulties

.Share your worries with family or friends whenever possible

.Try to develop a social network or circle of friends

.Exercise regularly

.Lead a regular lifestyle

.Give yourself treats and rewards for positive actions, attitudes and thoughts

.Get to know yourself better improve your defenses and strengthen your weak points

.Think realistically about problems and decide to take some appropriate action, if necessary, distract yourself in a pleasant way-don’t bottle things up or sit all night brooding

.Try to keep things in proportion

.Don’t be too hard on yourself

.Seek medical help if you are worried about your health

.There are always people who are willing and able to help, whatever the problem- don’t be unwilling to benefit from their experience

.Relax and take short rest throughout the day, every day

.Make small, regular changes to your lifestyle

.Learn to delegate

.Make space for leisure time

.Have proper breaks for meals

.Make time for yourself everyday and every week

.Listen carefully to those around you

.Enjoy yourself, and your family and friends